New Macedonian Empire

Νέα μακεδονική αυτοκρατορία



  • Βασιλεύς Βασιλέων Βασιλεύων Βασιλευόντων
  • Emperor of Emperors, Ruling over Rulers



Official Languages

Greek, Serbo-Croatian, Macedonian, Albanian




Constitutional Monarchy


Emperor Alexander Basilius

Countries Encompassed

Greece, Macedonia, Albania, Kosovo, Serbia, Croatia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina




Burkina Faso, Ghana, Togo, Benin

Καλώς ήλθατε στην Μακεδονία!

Greetings, comrades, and welcome to the New Macedonian Empire! We are a highly patriotic and ethnically diverse nation in the east of Europe, consisting of the countries of former Yugoslavia, Greece, and Albania. We are united to further the goal of rebuilding the Macedonian and Byzantine Empires, great nations which furthered learning, culture, and art tenfold for their time. Our superior geographical position gives us access to vast trade routes and resources in the eastern Mediterranean, providing us with vast wealth. Our African colonies are another great source of wealth and resources for us, allowing us to greatly advance our military strength. We will fight to the death to defend eastern Europe against the genocidal and godless Stalinwhores and communists. Βασιλεύς Βασιλέων Βασιλεύων Βασιλευόντων!

European Map


Macedonia is displayed in Yellow, with Germany in Grey, France in Dark Blue, UKI in Light Blue, Italy in Light Green, Ireland in Purple, Bork in Green, Israel in Light Blue, Romania-Bulgaria in Orange, and the USSR in Red.

Foreign Relations



  • Swastika Nazis and Other Fascist Sects



  • Armageddon Defense/Offense System: An advanced missile and point defense targeting system, vastly improving the capabilities of the point defense, anti-aircraft, and missile weapons systems on board ships. It allows the tracking and engagement of up to 150 enemy missiles and aircraft at ranges of up to 150km. It also allows for the precise guiding of up to 60 missiles onto target at once.
  • Eagle Eye Command Program: An extensive and powerful command program that tightly links air, land, and naval forces, and allows the effective deployment of large numbers of drones, missiles, or other counter-measures to any hot spot that needs assistance rapidly. It is an extremely robust system, with many backups and security features, making it extremely difficult to take down or hack into.
  • Oto Melar AC/18: An advanced artillery system designed to make our current artillery guns and SPGs more effective on the battlefield. This 155mm main gun features an excessive rate of fire, good accuracy, and very long range, much more so than that of any other artillery gun currently in service. However, this is also a rather expensive weapon, and the 155mm main calibre means its punch is limited compared to the weapons of other nations. It can be easily linked to the Eagle Eye Command program as well, allowing precise fire control where it is needed most.

Naval Forces


Ship Class Number (Unfinished) Points (Priority) Ship Type Status
Themistocles-class 2(0) 210 (N/A) Battleship Active
Hades-class 4(0) 210 (N/A) Battleship Active
Poseidon-class 1(4) 200 (No) Battlecruiser Active
Achilles-class 1(7) 200 (No) Battlecarrier Active
Capital Ships 8(11) ---- 4 classes ----
Alexander-class 1(9) 200 (No) Super Carrier Active
Carriers 1(9) ---- 1 class ----
Spartan-class 25(0) 30 (N/A) Light Cruiser Active
Cruisers 25(0) ---- 1 class ----
Destroyers 0(0) ---- 0 classes ----
Hercules-class 9(141) 10 (No) Frigate Active
Light Ships 8(142) ---- 1 class ----
Hammerhead-class 10(65) 20 (Yes) Attack Sub Active
Submarines 10(65) ---- 1 class ----
Italica-class N/A N/A Assault Ship Active
Sea Lion-class N/A N/A Landing Craft Active
Jutlandia-class N/A N/A Hospital Ship Active


Air Forces


Vehicle Name Number Type Status
MC 303 1200 Multi-Role Fighter Reserve
EYE class drone 200 Drone Active
AHK-001 200 Hunter-Killer Craft Active
AHK-002D 200 Hunter-Killer Drone Active
AD-1 350 Hunter-Killer Drone Active
AHKC-001 40 Drone Command Craft Active
MC 304 A1 700 Multi-Role Fighter Active
Mantis 200 Gunship Reserve
A-3 350 Attack Helicopter Active
Valkyrie 200 Gunship Active
HL-5 Olympus 2000 Transport Active
Warkhawk 3000 Bomber Active
MC 307 A1 Phantom 3000 Fighter Active
SM-88B Falcon 2000 Strike Fighter Active
Fiat G 32 Nightwing 500 Stealth Bomber Active


Ground Forces


Equipment Name Number Type Status
Type 1 TD 400 Tank Destroyer Reserve
Type 2 LT 700 Light Tank Reserve
Type 3 MBT 400 Main Battle Tank Reserve
Type 4 HHW One Per Soldier Assault Rifle Reserve
Type 5 HC 200 Hovercraft Active
Type 6 HT 200 Heavy Tank Active
Type 7 HHW One Per Soldier Assault Rifle Reserve
Type 8 HHW One Per Unit Shotgun Active
Type 9 HHW One Per Sniper Sniper Rifle Active
Type 10 HHW One Per Unit Anti-Tank Weapon Active
Type 11 MBT Centurion 700 Main Battle Tank Reserve
Type 12 LT Cataphract 1200 Light Tank Active
Type 13 APC 1400 Armoured Personnel Carrier Active
Type 14 TD 500 Tank Destroyer Active
Type 15 IFV 700 Anti-Infantry Drone Active
Type 16 IFV 900 Infantry Support Drone Active
Type 17 HHW One Per Unit Full-Auto Shotgun Active
Type 18 HHW One Per Unit Flamethrower Active
Type 19 HHW One Per Soldier Advanced Rifle Active
Type 20 HHW One Per Unit Rocket Launcher Active
Type 21 HHW One Per Unit Grenade Launcher Active
Type 22 MBT Charioteer 700 Main Battle Tank Active
Type 23 SPG Sagittarii 700 Self-Propelled Gun Active
Type 24 SPAA Domino 700 Self-Propelled Anti-Air Active
Type 25 APC Cataphract II 1400 Armoured Fighting Vehicle Active
Type 26 SV 4000 Support Truck Active